Trauma Specialist.




Dr. Alissa speaks to groups, conferences, seminars, churches, professionals, and on podcasts about real-life applications of mental health and trauma-informed work.


Dr. Alissa has been working in the fields of trauma, counseling, donor conception, mindfulness, self-discovery, stress, boundaries, EMDR, and other mental health related disciplines for over ten years.


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Meet Dr. Alissa

Beginning her career in community mental health, Dr. Alissa came face-to-face with often devastating and long-term effects of trauma on the lives of her clients..

From that point on, she centered her career around healing the wounds left by trauma and made it the focus of her PhD.

Since the completion of her doctorate degree, Dr. Alissa went on to teach Master’s level students, supervise counselors gaining licensure, and speak at various conferences and events – all while maintaining her clinical counseling practice.

Dr. Alissa draws deep fulfillment from the work of helping others process their trauma and experience profound healing.

Dr. Alissa is 1/3 of the podcasting hosts at Thanks, It’s the Trauma, a podcast discussing the personal traumas Dr. Alissa and the other hosts have experienced in an authentic and often comical way, as well as inviting guests on to discuss other aspects of trauma.

She’s had the privilege of being published in Toi Magazine, We are Donor Conceived Magazine, and in a textbook: Crisis Assessment, Intervention, and Prevention.


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